Serra do Seridó 2 issues Infrastructure Debentures

Rio de Janeiro, June 11th, 2024 – On June 7, the issuance of the infrastructure debentures of Serra do Seridó 2 in the amount of R$ 440 million was concluded. With a maturity of 18 years and IPCA+6.78%, the debt received an AA+ risk rating by Fitch, demonstrating the soundness and reliability of the project. The […]

It’s time to act. The power of low-carbon hydrogen in Brazil.

Rio de Janeiro, April 18, 2024 – Hydrogen produced from renewable and low-carbon sources plays a fundamental role in the global energy transition. The adoption of the so-called fuel of the future is a key element for mitigating the greenhouse effect and enabling the decarbonization of heavy industrial and transportation sectors, such as maritime and […]

EDF Renewables and Serena conclude the share swap in renewable projects

Rio de Janeiro, March 28th, 2024 – EDF Renewables Brasil and Serena Geração (formerly Omega Geração S.A.) have concluded, on March 28, 2024, the share swap operation of their respective stakes in the assets of the Pirapora Solar Complex and the Ventos da Bahia Wind Farm. With the completion of the operation, EDF Renewables Brasil […]

Why is it important for more women to hold leadership positions?

Rio de Janeiro, March 8, 2024 – In March, we celebrate International Women’s Day, a date that symbolizes the historic female struggle for gender equality. Commonly, the entire month is dedicated to debates on relevant and current issues that need greater attention from society, such as domestic violence, femicide, and inequality in the labor market. […]

EDF Renewables Brazil is the new member of ABIHV

Rio de Janeiro, January 23th 2024 – With the purpose of boosting the Brazilian low-carbon hydrogen market, EDF Renewables Brasil is the new member of the Brazilian Association of the Green Hydrogen Industry. The adhesion reinforces the company’s ambitions in the development of low-carbon hydrogen in the country, expands its participation in the discussion on […]

Alexandre Azevedo takes over as EDF Renewables’ New Business Director in Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, November 21st , 2023 – The executive will be responsible for the Investment area, in addition to the areas of Prospecting & New Business Development, Regulatory, Social and Environmental Responsibility and Land Ownership. Alexandre joined EDF Renewables as New Business Manager in 2020, supporting the company’s growth strategy. He has accumulated a solid […]

EDF Renewables starts implementation of new wind farm complex in Bahia

Rio de Janeiro, September 5th 2023 – EDF Renewables Brasil has started the process of implementing its newest wind farm in Bahia. The Serra das Almas Wind Farm, located in the municipalities of Urandi, Licínio de Almeida and Jacaraci, in the southwest of the state, will have an installed capacity of 261 MW and 58 […]

EDF Renewables Brazil boosts energy transition with new wind farm in the Northeast

Rio de Janeiro, August 29th 2023 – EDF Renewables, one of the main players in renewable energy in the world, started the commercial operation of phase 1 of the Serra do Seridó Wind Farm, located in the municipalities of Junco do Seridó, Santa Luzia, Salgadinho and Assunção, in Paraíba. The construction of the venture is […]

EDF Renewables Brazil and Government of Ceará sign agreement to develop renewable energy plant

Rio de Janeiro, August 16th, 2023 – EDF Renewables Brazil and the Government of Ceará signed, on Wednesday (16), a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the elaboration of actions of mutual cooperation and exchange, which will have as their purpose the development of a green hydrogen pole in the state. The initiative is in line […]

Maní Project increases 70 of the production of cassava and its derivatives in the Chapada Diamantina region

Rio de Janeiro, August 14th, 2023 – Inaugurated in February, the two flour houses of the Maní social project, led by EDF Renewables Brasil, resulted in significant impacts for rural production and for the quality of life of the residents of Bonito and Mulungu do Morro, in Bahia. Launched by phases 1 and 2 of […]

PPA in dollars: impacts on the market and the energy transition

Rio de Janeiro, July 17, 2023 – A recent change in Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) operations has brought prospects to the Brazilian electrical sector to attract new international generators and financiers. The new exchange rate framework, which came into effect at the end of 2022, has been driving large clean energy purchase and sale agreements […]

EDF Renewables Brazil is the new member of the Brazilian Hydrogen Association

Rio de Janeiro, July 11th, 2023 – Following the global purpose of accelerating the energy transition, EDF Renewables Brazil has joined the Brazilian Hydrogen Association (ABH2). The entry reinforces the strategic role of the company and its ambitions in the development of renewable hydrogen in the country, expands its participation in the discussion on the […]

Government of Rio Grande do Norte and EDF Renewables sign agreement for offshore wind project

Rio de Janeiro, May 29th, 2023 – The Government of Rio Grande do Norte signed this Monday (29), with EDF Renewables, a global leader in renewable energy, and International Renewable Energy – IER, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to develop actions of mutual cooperation and exchange aimed at developing offshore wind power generation projects and […]

EDF Renewables Brazil participates in a meeting with the governor to promote the renewables sector’s development in Bahia

Rio de Janeiro, May 8th, 23 – This week, the CEO of EDF Renewables Brazil and director Latam, André Salgado, participated in a meeting, in Bahia, with the governor of the State, Jerônimo Rodrigues, the Brazilian Association of Wind Energy (ABEEólica) and other businessmen to discuss new fronts expansion of investments in renewable energies in […]

EDF Renewables Brazil is elected as a member of the Board of Directors of ABEEólica

Rio de Janeiro, April 27th, 2023 – The vice president of EDF Renewables Brazil, Raíssa Cafure Lafranque, was elected member of the Board of Directors of ABEEólica, for the 2023/2025 biennium, in the “Developers and Investors” category. The nomination is an important achievement, which ratifies the company’s commitment to the country, aiming at building a […]

Sylvain Jouhanneau assumes the new directorate of Emerging Businesses at EDF Renewables in Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, March 6th, 2023 – Initiative reinforces the ambitions of EDF Renewables in Brazil to develop innovative projects in the country such as offshore wind and green hydrogen. Sylvain has a solid track record in the energy sector. With 12 years of experience in the EDF Group, he was responsible for managing operational […]

Ventos da Bahia Wind Farm inaugurates a Flour House in the interior of Bahia

Rio de Janeiro, January 2nd, 2023 – The Ventos da Bahia Wind Farm inaugurated, on the last 24th, the Flour House of the Maní social project. Located in Bonito and Mulungu do Morro, in Bahia, the two units have a structure equipped with the necessary machinery for refining and packaging cassava. The initiative, launched by […]

EDF Renewables Brasil has new Implementation director

Rio de Janeiro, January 24th, 2023 – EDF Renewables Brasil has hired Maurício Omine for the position of Implementation Director. The executive will be responsible for managing all construction phases of the new wind and solar energy projects, confirming the company’s expansion strategy in Brazil. Maurício holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Universidade Estadual […]

Omega Energia and EDF Renewables do Brasil partner for Ventos da Bahia 3 wind farm

São Paulo, December 23rd, 2022 – Omega Energia has just completed the acquisition of 50% of the shares of the 3rd phase of the Ventos da Bahia, located in the municipalities of Iraquara, Mulungu do Morro and Souto Soares (BA), currently held by EDF Renewables do Brasil, for R$422.9 million (enterprise value). The agreement provides […]

Triple A rating for Pirapora

Rio de Janeiro, September 16th, 2022 – This month, Fitch Ratings assigned the National Long-Term Rating ‘AAA(bra)’, with Stable Outlook, to the first and second issuance of debentures of Pirapora I and II, totaling R$220 million and R$118 million, respectively. The first phase of the solar park also received the ‘A+’ Long-Term Rating. Located in Minas Gerais, […]

EDF Renewables and Prumo Logística enter into a partnership for future offshore wind farm projects in the Port of Açu area in southeastern Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, September 14th, 2022 – EDF Renewables, a global leader in renewable energy, and Prumo Logística, the holding company controlled by EIG and responsible for the development of the Açu Port, signed on September 12 a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to study the development and infrastructure of offshore wind farms in the Norte […]

EDF Renewables targets growth in the Free Market and hires Commercialization Director

Rio de Janeiro, September 8th, 2022 – In line with the company’s growth and ambitions, EDF Renewables do Brasil hired the executive Fabiano Fuga for the position of Commercialization Director. He will be responsible for the energy origination and commercialization strategy of the company’s project portfolio in Brazil. Fabiano holds a degree in electrical engineering […]

Sea in sight: offshore wind farms land in Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, June, 21st, 2022 – Wind generation at sea is one of the new bets of the energy sector in several countries, and, with great national maritime potential, Brazil sees the possibility of expanding the borders of this energy source. Although still unexplored in the country, the first step towards pioneering this new […]

EDF Renewables do Brasil has a new CFO

Rio de Janeiro, April 20th, 2022 – Jessica Von Moegen assumes the position of Chief Financial Officer of EDF Renewables do Brasil. With this move, more than half of the company’s board of directors – which has gender equality as one of its priorities – is now made up of women. At EDF Renewables do […]

Braskem and EDF Renewables sign an agreement for the use of renewable energy

São Paulo, April 14th, 2022 – Committed to sustainability goals linked to operational eco-efficiency and the fight against climate change, Braskem signed a wind energy purchase agreement with EDF Renewables do Brasil. The agreement will be an anchor to enable the construction of a new wind power plant in southwest Bahia, contributing to the installation […]

Women in energy: essential for business and society

Rio de Janeiro, March 31st, 2022 – Traditionally male, the energy sector has registered an increase in female participation, but equal opportunities and space are still far from necessary. To have an idea, a study presented by the International Renewable Energy Agency (Irena) indicates that the areas of energy in general and oil and gas […]

Ventos da Bahia Wind power plant opens educational space in Bonito

Rio de Janeiro, February 22nd, 2022 – The Youth in Action educational space, launched by phases 1 and 2 of the Ventos da Bahia Wind power plant – which has EDF Renewables do Brasil as one of the controllers – was inaugurated in Cabeceira do Brejo, in municipality of Bonito. The initiative, created through the […]

André Salgado assumes the position of CEO of EDF Renewables do Brasil and Director of Latam

Rio de Janeiro, January 21st, 2022 – Graduated in electrical engineering and with 30 years of expertise in the energy sector, the executive leaves the position of director for South America at Framatome, an EDF Group company. Salgado has experience in nuclear generation activities and from renewable sources such as biomass, small and medium hydroelectric […]

EDF Renewables starts works on the Serra de Seridó wind farm in Paraíba

Rio de Janeiro, December 9th, 2021 – EDF Renewables, a leader in renewable energies, has started work on the Serra de Seridó wind farm, its first venture in Paraíba. The planned investment is R$ 1 billion (50% via Northeast Bank). The total generation power of the new power plant will be 242 MW, equivalent to […]

EDF Renewables do Brasil is among the TOP 10 of energy in the Maiores & Melhores (Biggest & Best)

Rio de Janeiro, November 8th, 2021 – EDF Renewables is among the 10 largest companies in the country in the energy segment, according to Maiores & Melhores, the main yearbook of economic and business performance in the country, produced by Exame magazine with consultancy from the Ibmec. The company is in the 9th position among […]

Pirapora Solar Complex donation benefits around 320,000 people in Pará and Amazonas

Rio de Janeiro, September 27th, 2021 – The Pirapora Photovoltaic Power Plants (MG), controlled by EDF Renewables and Omega Energia, donated more than BRL 1.17 million to support UNICEF’s emergency actions in the fight against Covid-19 in the states of Rio de Janeiro. Amazonas and Pará. The donation, made through the BNDES’ Social Investments for […]

EDF Renewables and Eneva close PPA for the purchase and sale of renewable energy

Rio de Janeiro, September 1st, 2021 – Eneva signed a long-term agreement with EDF Renewables for the purchase of renewable energy, which opens up space for the integrated gas and electricity company to operate in the Free Energy Market through from encouraged sources. According to Camila Schoti, Eneva’s General Commercialization Manager, the partnership with EDF […]

EDF Renewables starts operating the wind power plant that will supply Braskem’s demand.

Rio de Janeiro, May 5th, 2021 – The Folha Larga Norte Wind Complex, located in Campo Formoso (BA), is the third EDF Renewables project to start operating in Brazil. With an investment of more than R$ 1.5 billion, Folha Larga Norte has 2 phases that total 82 wind turbines and 344 MW of installed capacity, […]

EDF Pulse Award announces winners of the 2nd Brazilian edition

Rio de Janeiro, April 15th, 2021 – The EDF Group revealed yesterday, in a digital event, the two winners of the 2nd edition of the EDF Pulse Brasil Award, which recognized innovative projects by national startups with smart solutions for the challenges of cities and industries . The projects were evaluated by a jury of […]

Pirapora Solar Complex donates more than BRL 1.17 million to fight COVID-19

Rio de Janeiro, January 18th, 2021 – EDF Renewables and Omega Energia donated more than BRL 1.17 million, through the Pirapora Photovoltaic Plants (MG), to support the prevention of Covid-19 in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Pará. This initiative will benefit migrant and homeless populations; indigenous villages; children and teenagers, as well as their […]

Application deadline for the 2nd edition of the EDF Pulse innovation award in Brazil is extended

Rio de Janeiro, January 8th, 2021 – The EDF Group has extended the registration deadline for the 2nd Edition of the EDF Pulse Brasil Award until January 29th, which must be done through the website pulse-brazil EDF Pulse Brasil 2021 will recognize innovative projects by small companies and national startups that contribute to the […]