EDF Renewables and Eneva close PPA for the purchase and sale of renewable energy

Rio de Janeiro, September 1st, 2021 – Eneva signed a long-term agreement with EDF Renewables for the purchase of renewable energy, which opens up space for the integrated gas and electricity company to operate in the Free Energy Market through from encouraged sources.

According to Camila Schoti, Eneva’s General Commercialization Manager, the partnership with EDF Renewables will strengthen the range of energy solutions that the company already offers to the market. “This is another step by Eneva in the diversification of its products, which allows us to always format the best alternative for each customer. The partnership with EDF Renewables will allow Eneva to include in its long-term portfolio a source that complements our assets in operation, generating more competitiveness for the customer and optimizing market risks for the company”, he says.

According to Paulo Abranches, CEO of EDF Renewables in Brazil, the urgency of the ESG agenda and the competitive attributes of long-term contracts have increasingly attracted the attention of energy buyers. “The contracting of renewable energy makes it possible to make a decisive contribution to the energy transition, in addition to bringing important impacts to businesses such as predictability and cost reduction. We are very happy to help Eneva achieve its energy goals in a sustainable way. The partnership reinforces EDF Renewables’ competitiveness in the free market”, highlights the executive.

About EDF Renewables:

EDF Renewables is a leading international renewable energy company, with a gross installed capacity of 13.8 GW worldwide. Its development is mainly focused on wind and solar photovoltaic energy. EDF Renewables primarily operates in Europe and North America, but continues to grow as it moves to promising emerging regions such as Brazil, China, India, South Africa and the Middle East. The company has strong positions in offshore wind energy, but also in other areas of the renewable energy industry,

such as distributed energy and energy storage. EDF Renewables develops, builds, operates and maintains renewable energy projects, both for itself and for third parties. Most of its international subsidiaries are branded EDF Renewables. EDF Renewables is the subsidiary of the EDF Group specializing in the development of solar and wind energy. In Brazil since 2015, EDF Renewables Brasil is among the country’s leaders in the renewable energy sector, totaling 1.3 GW in projects, installed and under construction, of solar and wind energy in Bahia, Minas Gerais and Paraíba.

About Eneva:

Eneva is the largest private natural gas operator in Brazil and an integrated energy company, which operates from the exploration and production (E&P) of natural gas to the supply of energy solutions. The company has E&P assets in the states of Amazonas and Maranhão. It currently operates 10 natural gas fields in the Parnaíba (MA) and Amazonas (AM) Basins. Additionally, it has a total area under concession in these regions of over 60 thousand km². With a thermoelectric generation power plant with 2.8 GW of installed capacity, Eneva produces safe and competitive energy for the Brazilian electrical system. Its generation assets are located in the states of Maranhão (Parnaíba and Itaqui Complex), Ceará (Pecém II) and Roraima (Ocelot II). A pioneer by nature, Eneva has developed an unprecedented business model in Brazil: the Reservoir-to-Wire (R2W), which consists of thermal generation integrated into natural gas producing fields. Therefore, the company plays an important role in the transition of the Brazilian energy matrix, offering energy from a flexible, economical and efficient fuel. Listed on the New market of the B3 (Brazilian Stock Exchange) since 2007, the company is part of the Ibovespa, among other stock exchange indices. Eneva aims to continue growing responsibly, offering reliable and affordable energy solutions to the society.