EDF Renewables starts works on the Serra de Seridó wind farm in Paraíba

Rio de Janeiro, December 9th, 2021 – EDF Renewables, a leader in renewable energies, has started work on the Serra de Seridó wind farm, its first venture in Paraíba. The planned investment is R$ 1 billion (50% via Northeast Bank). The total generation power of the new power plant will be 242 MW, equivalent to the annual consumption of 700 thousand Brazilian families. The start of operations is scheduled for the first quarter of 2023.

About 20% of the power plant energy was sold in the Generation Auction 04/2019 to the regulated segment and the rest through the execution of PPAs in the free market. The Serra do Seridó wind farm will avoid the annual emission of around 208,000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.

The construction of the new wind power plant in the region of Junco do Seridó and Santa Luzia, municipalities in Paraíba with around 22 thousand inhabitants, will prioritize the local workforce. Those interested in job opportunities should go to the Power plant’s Socio-Environmental Service Center, located in Junco de Seridó, or contact WhatsApp on 0800 717 7447.

Social and environmental diagnosis

The company is also developing a participatory diagnosis of local social and environmental demands. Some results can already be verified: EDF Renewables will make local agreements with veterinary clinics and nurseries for maintenance, research and studies of the regional flora and fauna.

“When we undertake construction and operation activities, we strive to identify, understand, assess and address the specific environmental and social issues of each project. We always seek to organize the impact of our activities on biodiversity and to guarantee the quality of life of the people close to the projects”, comments Raissa Lafranque, Vice President of EDF Renewables.

EDF Renewables offers complete solutions in renewable energy supply, contributing to the strategic objectives of the EDF Group, one of the main global players in the energy transition.

About EDF Renewables:

EDF Renewables is a leading international renewable energy company, with a gross installed capacity of 13.8 GW worldwide. Its development is mainly focused on wind and solar photovoltaic energy. EDF Renewables primarily operates in Europe and North America, but continues to grow and establish itself in promising regions such as Brazil, China, India, South Africa and the Middle East. The company also has strong positions in offshore wind energy and other areas of the renewable energy industry such as distributed energy and energy storage. EDF Renewables develops, builds, operates and maintains renewable energy projects, both for itself and for third parties. Most of its international subsidiaries are branded EDF Renewables. EDF Renewables is the subsidiary of the EDF Group specializing in the development of solar and wind energy. In Brazil since 2015, EDF Renewables Brasil is among the country’s leaders in the renewable energy sector, totaling 1.3 GW in projects, installed and under construction, of solar and wind energy in Bahia, Minas Gerais and Paraíba.