EDF Renewables Brazil participates in a meeting with the governor to promote the renewables sector’s development in Bahia

Rio de Janeiro, May 8th, 23 – This week, the CEO of EDF Renewables Brazil and director Latam, André Salgado, participated in a meeting, in Bahia, with the governor of the State, Jerônimo Rodrigues, the Brazilian Association of Wind Energy (ABEEólica) and other businessmen to discuss new fronts expansion of investments in renewable energies in the region. During the meeting, a working group was created with representatives of companies in the sector that are part of the association, in addition to the secretaries of the Civil House, Economic Development, Environment, Infrastructure and Rural Development.

“The creation of the group immediately demonstrates the interest of the government of Bahia in further stimulating the development of the wind sector. The articulation between the private and public sectors will ensure greater speed and legal security, so that new ventures are made viable by promoting sustainable actions to generate jobs and stimulation the local economy”, comments André Salgado.

Bahia is a strategic region for the expansion of EDF Renewables, in which it has already built two wind complexes and is beginning the construction of a third, significantly contributing to the Brazilian energy transition process and to the socioeconomic development of the state.

About EDF Renewables Brazil:
In Brazil since 2015, EDF Renewables Brazil is among the country’s leaders in the renewable energy sector, totaling more than 1.8 GW in solar and wind energy projects in operation and under construction in Bahia, Minas Gerais and Paraíba. EDF Renewables is a global energy player which develops, builds and operates renewable power generation plants. As a major player in the energy transition worldwide, EDF Renewables deploys, within EDF Group, competitive, responsible and value-creating projects. In every country, our teams show their commitment to local stakeholders every day, adding their expertise and capacity for innovation to the fight against climate change.