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Talent Bank – People with Disabilities


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    Here, we combine our energies to build a CO2-neutral energy future, capable of reconciling planet preservation, well-being, and development. Our team of Renewablers works daily on the development, construction, and operation of renewable energy projects to transform the world!

    Respect, Responsibility, Solidarity, Agility, Passion, and Cooperation guide all our activities. We value a diverse work environment and are proud to have teams composed of individuals with different backgrounds and experiences.

    Job Description

    We want to build a CO2-neutral energy future for all. And for that to happen, we need everyone to walk together and in the same direction. We know we are still far from having an egalitarian society and that individuals with disabilities face challenges in the job market.

    We believe in the power of diversity and strive for everyone to have opportunities to develop within the company. The Talent Bank for People with disabilites is an inclusive initiative that promotes diversity and equality in the workplace.

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    💼 Who can apply?

    If you have a disability, please apply on this page and for any other position at EDF Renewables Brazil.

    📝 Will I automatically participate in a recruitment process upon registration?

    Those registered in this talent bank will have their profiles analyzed by the HR team and, based on the opportunities that arise, will be directed to areas of interest. The talent bank will be consulted whenever new vacancies arise.

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