Commitments and values

Social and environmental responsibility

Wind parks and solar power plants minimize climate change by deriving their energy from renewable sources. When carrying out feasibility assessment, development, construction and operation activities, we strive to identify, understand, assess and address environmental and social issues. EDF Renewables always seeks to reduce and control the impact of its activities on the quality of life of people close to production sites and on biodiversity (flora, fauna, habitats).

We carry out various social and environmental actions in the vicinity of the park, strictly following all the programs determined in the basic project plan.

The seedling nursery at Folha Larga Norte contributed to the enhancement and preservation of the local flora and fauna, with more than 20 different species, such as Licurizeiro, Umbuzeiro, Braúna, Angico and Aroeira, which represent the typical vegetation of the caatinga, biome 100 % Brazilian. More than 36 thousand seedlings were produced.
Pirapora signed two partnerships with UNICEF Brazil, through the BNDES’ Social Investments for Companies (ISE) line, donating more than R$ 4 millions to fight against Covid-19.